Human Resources

  • We seek and select the best human resources for your company.
  • We collaborate in implementing development plans and improving working environment
  • We train your team, estimating the results.


  • We find the perfect company to place your products and services.
  • We help you to widen your sales horizons.
  • We establish strategic and trustworthy relationships by means of our international businesses area, Human Commitment.

Fairs and conventions

  • Commercial and logistics management.
  • Communications.
  • International projection.

Cluster Shale Neuquen 2013


Once again the Cluster Shale Neuquén will take place on May, 29th and 30th. It will be the 2nd edition of the event that gathered all those related to the Oil and Gas industry. More than 700 people and 150 companies attended the previous meeting. The event is supported by Fundación Alejandría and the Government of  Neuquén, and organized by Compromiso Humano.

Compromiso Humano at
the OTC - USA


OTC (Offshore Technology Conference), the most important meeting of the Oil Industry, will take place in Houston, Texas from May, 6th to 8th. Compromiso Humano will attend it to learn the new tendencies in the market and keep on developing international alliances in order to help its local customers. 

Compromiso Humano on
Petroquimica Magazine


The prestigious magazine Petroquímica, interviewed the director of Compromiso Humano on the potential of Human Resources in the region to face the development of non-conventional resources. 

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