Fairs and Conventions


We organize and coordinate large scale events, guaranteeing their correct development in all aspects:


Evaluation of location in accordance with the objectives. Definition of the event style, general coordination with suppliers, management of enrollments and attendance, support to companies and attendants during the event, definition of: scope, dates, objectives, subjects and work methodology, target, and general supervision during the event.


Costs definition, discount suggestions and combined attendance plans, definition of marketing strategies, estimation of benefits for sponsors, sales management and billing coordination.


Design and analysis of event identity, proposal of names, subtitles and logos, contacts with private and public area members (companies, foundations and schools, among others), advertising management and reports on local and national radio, tv and media.


Attention of international participants with an interest in our region, invitation to firms of other countries, live transmission of the event to be seen locally and worldwide. .


Success cases

1st National Congress of Human Resources in Patagonia (November, 2011)

First National Meeting of Human Resources in Patagonia.
Enhancing talent in the era of knowledge.

Date: November, 3rd and 4th, 2011
Place: Neuquén.

Objective: To contribute to the formation of human resources, to promote exchange spaces of experiences exchange and networking.

Attendants: 120 people.

Important lecturers:

Pablo Panigazzi
(Manager of Benefits, Compensations and Human Resources – Telecom)

Darío Siani
(President of ADCA)

Gustavo Aquino
(Member of the Directors Board of ADRHA)

Adelson Da Silva
(Executive Manager of Human Resources -Petrobras)

Oscar Massei
(President of the Council of the Judiciary)

Guillermo Pereyra
(General Secretary of the Union of Private Gas and Oil of Neuquen, Río Negro and La Pampa)

Héctor Recalde
(Lawyer of the CGT).


Organization: Compromiso Humano and IFES.

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Cluster Shale Neuquén 2012 (May, 2012)

Cluster Shale Neuquen 2012

Date: May, 23rd and 24th, 2012
Place: Espacio Duam, Neuquen.

Objective: To create a space designed exclusively for institutions, companies, leaders and executives related or interested in the hydrocarbon industry, and on the development of non-conventional fields.

Attendants: 700 people and 150 companies.

Important lecturers:

Mr. Carlos Baradello
(Senior Director, International and Executive Programs University of San Francisco)

Mr. Jorge Augusto Sapag
(Vicedecano de la Escuela de Negocios de la Universidad de San Francisco)

Dr. Jorge Sapag
(Governor Province of Neuquen)

Mr. Rubén Etcheverry
(President & CEO, Gas y Petróleo del Neuquén)

Mr. Esteban Cassin
(President International Association of Technology Parks (IASP), Latin America)


Organization: Compromiso Humano, Gas y Petroleo del Neuquen and Government of the Province of Neuquen.

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2nd National Congress of Human Resources in Patagonia (October, 2012)

2nd National Congress of Human Resources in Patagonia (October, 2012)
The added value that sets the difference.

Date: October, 23rd and 24th, 2012
Place: Neuquen.

Objective: After the success of the first national meeting of human resources in Patagonia, the 2nd edition was organized, inviting professionals of the HR area, owners of small and medium companies, managers and students.

Attendants: 200 people

Important lecturers:

Dr. Marcelo Aquino
(Associate - Baker & McKenzie)

Lic. Carla Alaimo
(Manager of Working Environment – Petrobras)

Lic. Jorge Arias
(Manager of Working Relations – BBVA Francés)

Dr. Daniel Maggi
(Human Resources– Lan Argentina)

Dr. Mariano Muñoz
(Manager of Industrial Relations– Telecom Argentina)

Ing. Luis Pabón
(Director of Helisafe)


Organization:Compromiso Humano and IFES.

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Cluster Shale Neuquen 2013

Cluster Shale Neuquen 2013